Keto Burn Protocol

Keto Burn Protocol

What is Keto Burn Protocol

Keto Burn Protocol is a secret weight loss hack written by a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and a lost weight specialist John Sims. This program promises to rewrite how our bodies process unwanted fats thus helping you shed off those extra pounds you’ve accumulated over the years. You don’t have to starve yourself or even indulge yourself in intense gym workouts lifting those dead weights.

John Sims claims that his body product not only helps you shed some pounds but can also help you lower your blood sugar levels, boost energy levels, improve brain functions, reverse type 2 diabetes, and at point capable of killing cancer cells. This product has been used by over 54,893 people who have reported positive results.

What you are required to do is to reduce carbohydrates to a specific level and then you have to replace these carbs with high-fat foods such as eggs, beef, cheese, cream bacon and even butter. From this point you will be given the exact ratio of carbs, fat and protein need to trigger ketosis with nil side effects.

What is the relationship between Fat and Ketones?

One of the experts from LiveScience informs us that fat is a basic requirement needed for proper functioning of the body- especially when it comes to energy.

When we eat more can calories than our bodies can use, the surplus is often stored as fat beneath the skin. If we continue eating more calories than the body can spend- it results in the buildup of fat which at times leads to obesity. This could result in severe health conditions such as joint diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea and many others.

A particular type of fat emphasized in the Keto Burn Protocol program is the visceral fat- which is strongly linked to serious health problems such as colorectal cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and breast cancer.

You normal metabolism process is sufficient enough to produce the energy your body requires. But Ketosis occurs when your body doesn’t get enough carbohydrates from the food you eat- so in response, it utilizes the stored fats to produce energy.

For healthy people ( excluding pregnant and those have diabetes) ketosis often kicks in 3-4 days after regulating the amount of carbohydrates intake- often less than 50grams per day.

When this occurs, the acidic chemical ketones produces in the liver are released. Since ketosis is a common strategy that has been implemented by people seeking to lose weight, there are several over the counter kits that can be used to test your ketone levels.

How does Keto Burn Protocol work?

Keto Burn Protocol works into two distinct phases:

  1. Keto Burn Protocol Launch phase
  2. Keto Burn Protocol maintenance phase

Keto Burn, Protocol 7-day phase, was designed by a group of ketosis experts, doctors, and certified nutritionist to help trigger ketosis as fast as possible. Even though this phase is dubbed the seven-day launch phase, John Sims emphasizes that in most cases, the user will enter this phase in as little as three days.

During this phase, you will get 35 different recipes for lunch, breakfast, desserts, dinner, and snacks and a detailed breakdown of ingredients and the shopping list you will require for this week.

The maintenance is a 30-day phase. During this phase, you will need to introduce a variety of proteins, high-fat foods into your meals including eggs, avocados, and coconut oil.

Additionally, you will also get access to 150 recipes included step by step preparation and comprehensive shopping list.

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What are the benefits of Keto Burn Protocol?

With Keto Burn Protocol, you will reap more benefits than you bargained for. While some diet plans and programs intended to make people shed weight often fail, Keto Burn Protocol program has won the hearts of thousands of customers (50,000 plus to be exact).

Here are some of the benefits of using Keto Burn Protocol

  • Keto Burn Protocol is not only designed for adults only; even obese children can make use of this program and shed some weight. In other words, it is a program ideal for people of all ages.
  • With this product, you don’t have to starve yourself to death or spent the rest of your life at the gym doing intense workouts. All that is required is for you to cut down gluten intake and eat healthy foods only.
  • Keto Burn Protocol comes with some bonus materials that will help you improve your health. So it’s not all about weight loss only. These bonuses include The Keto Cheat Sheet, Low-Fat Frauds, and The Sex Drive Simulator.
  • This program tackles the cause of obesity. We all know tackling an issue from root eliminates the problem once and for all.

How much does Keto Burn Protocol cost?

Keto Burn Protocol weight loss program is priced at only $37 and can only be downloaded and vied on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Keto Burn Protocol bonuses

the bonuses included in Keto Burn Protocol program include:

  1. The Keto Cheat Sheet: this is a keto friendly alternatives that can replace many carbohydrates heavy foods.
  2. Low-Fat Frauds: this is a comprehensive list of the common low-fat foods that can help you lose weight, shed some belly weight, and maintain a healthy
  3. The Sex Drive Stimulator: this is a list that reveals hundreds of 100% natural love drugs or aphrodisiacs.

Keto Burn Protocol purchases come with a 60 day back no questions asked money back guarantee which can be easily requested by reaching out the online retailer at 302-404-2568.

Final Thoughts on Keto Burn Protocol

Getting that perfect shape, you have always desired couldn’t be more difficult thanks to Keto Burn Protocol program. For those who have tried different programs but are still obese or have only shed a few pounds can get their desired results using this product. With all the supporting information we have managed to pull from WebMD and LiveScience we believe that Keto Burn Protocol delivers.


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