• Benefits of a loft conversation

The main benefit of a loft conversion is the immediate creation of space at minimal cost.

Converting a loft rally is a no-brainer way to create that extra room without the need for long-term complicated, intrusive and costly building activity. After all the skeleton for restoration is already in place!

First, you’ll have to be brutal and ditch all those ‘valuables’, you know, the lifetime acquisition of useless junk; like the ice cream maker and the 1960’s fully decorated Christmas tree, featuring tacky tinsel and a happy Santa hanging by the balls.

Imagine what could be achieved; a spare bedroom for the odd in-law, a games room, an art studio or perhaps a distillery! Let your imagination runs wild, although try to keep it legal.

What’s more, a tasteful conversion could well add value to your property, or at the very least make it easier to sell.

One piece of advice …

  • Employing a loft conversion company!

Act in haste, repent at leisure.

Harry down the road may well be a respectable chippy, he’s probably cheap and cash-in-hand cheerful.

  1. But is he truly an experienced loft conversion specialist?
  2. Can he offer sound advice?
  3. Does he know the building regulation requirements and planning restrictions?
  4. Is his workmanship guaranteed and up to scratch?
  5. Does he care?

Remember the buck ultimately stops with you!

So, pay for what you expect to get; an experienced craftsman with a sound and successful track record.

  • How to find the right loft conversion company in your area

First of all, look for essential credentials, check online for a company with:

  1. A long established trading record
  2. A notable and active portfolio of clients
  3. Many recommendations
  4. Actual photos of recent conversions

Once you’re happy, contact them and outline your requirements. Initial first impressions are often accurate; were they quick to respond, receptive to your ideas, helpful, knowledgeable and polite?

Can they advise as to any possible planning or other regulatory obstacle? There could well be regulations in respect of design, space and materials. Your local specialist will be loft savvy, and will ensure you don’t fall foul of the bureaucrats.

Furthermore will they pay a home visit, offer advice, guidance and a free quote?

  • A recommendation for residence in the Surrey region

Wherever you live, a recommendation from a satisfied customer is the most reliable form of endorsement.

So, in order to save you Surrey folk a whole load of frustrating, and oft confusing, internet surfing, start your search by visiting the Surrey Lofts website!

Here we have the complete package. A company with vast experience, an unblemished record and a wholly ethical approach to business practices.

With over two decades of experience Surrey Lofts are best placed to advise and deliver a quality product that’s guaranteed toenhance your home and your comfort.

Make it happen, convert your loft, and let Surrey Lofts make it a practical space of beauty.

Remember, there’s no better place for an in-law than the loft!


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