There are very few alternatives that can match the class and beauty of floors that are laid out in Marble stone. The beauty of this stone lies in its distinctiveness, which gives a unique pattern to every piece of marble cut out for use in flooring. And it is primarily due to this uniqueness that marble stone remains a favourite of millions of homeowners across the globe even today. However, there are several aspects related to Marble floors that need to be taken care of by homeowners, if they really want to preserve the beauty and unique character of this timeless stone in their house.

Just like any other stone, Marble is also a porous stone, which is susceptible to seepages caused by acidic and oily liquids spilling on the floor of the house. This property of marble exposes it to spotting and staining, which can really spoil the beauty of your marble floor in the house. Although every other stone has the same porous properties like marble, but they can be protected by applying a stone sealant over them, which is quite effective in safeguarding these stones against liquid spills and dust deposition. The problem with Marble is its’ high sensitivity towards mildly acidic solutions like stone sealants, which makes it untreatable even with a mild stone sealing solution. In the absence of a sealant to cover its open pores, marble is rendered even more defenseless against spotting and staining in a household, where spilling of liquids and other debris is a common occurrence.

This is precisely the reason why a marble floor requires special care and handling to keep it shining for a long time. And the only wonder product, which can help you achieve that, is a marble polishing powder. This polishing powder works its magic by filling the pores spaces of your marble floor, and roots out any possibility of seepage of liquids through its open pores, thus minimizing the chances of spots and stains developing on the floor. However, there is a certain amount of caution that you will need to take before using the marble polishing powder on your Marble floor. You will need to make sure that your marble floor is totally clean and devoid of any debris or dirt before applying this polishing powder on the floor. Application of this powder over debris and dust will only push the dirt down the pores and cause spotting on the floor.


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