Ricoh recently announced the launch of a new range of projectors – the PJ S2440, PJ X2440, and PJ WX2440. Innovative in concept and design, these products come with Ricoh’s signature seal of reliability, functionality and innovation. All three projectors are lightweight and compact, and are backed by Ricoh’s robust technology, of course.

The PJ S2440 is an entry-level projector that boasts of a brightness of 3000 lumens and a contrast value of 10000:1. It can be used to project videos, presentations, and still images on desktop or computer screens without compromising on quality in any way. It can project SVGA resolution images at up to 800 x 600 dpi. It’s a lightweight model, weighing only 2.6 kg and can be set up quite easily.

The other two models – PJ X2440 and PJ WX2440 – are designed for high quality requirements. Offering lumens of 3,000 and 3,100 respectively and possessing 10,000:1 high contrast ratio mode, the projectors deliver an impressive performance even under poor lighting conditions. They can be plugged into a variety of multimedia devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, DVD, and Blu-ray players.

The projectors have wide ranging applications, but can be especially integral to the education and corporate sector. Owing to their small and compact size, they can be carried anywhere with relative ease and used in classrooms and conference rooms with equal comfort. If you want to truly showcase your idea in the clearest way possible, Ricoh’s range is ideal.


The PJ X2440 uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and lets you adjust brightness for darker colors automatically to reduce energy usage and distortion of the image is retained with the Eco-Mode. It also has a port to connect external speakers although there are internal speakers. It is also has a long lasting value, the lamp life of the projectors can be extended from 5,000 hours to a whopping 6,000 hours.

Equipped with great connectivity options, these devices have projection sizes ranging from 30-300 inches wide diagonally. They guarantee top notch performance and crisp and clear images even when placed just a few feet away from the wall.


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