Window shades are an essential element of all houses these days because of the all important matter of privacy. And if these shades are stylish too, then they also add to the beauty of the house as well. Another utility of window shades is their ability to guard against the piercing rays of the Sun. So practically, window shades are high utility items, which bring in 3 in 1 benefits for their users, whether they are installed at offices or at homes. When it comes to choosing window shades for home, people usually like to go for curtains because they look more lush and cozy to the eyes. However, in case of office windows, first preference is normally given to window blinds, which look more streamlined and neat and also gel perfectly with the interiors of an office.

Apart from these 2 conventional options that are widely used everywhere for the purpose of window shades, there are other unconventional alternatives as well, which are also used by people according to their personal preferences and taste. Another factor that might play a big role in the choice of shades is the frequency of their use on a particular window. If shades are going to be repeated drawn and opened on a window, then a wise thing would be to go for blinds. However, if the shades are going to remain on a window without much shifting and sliding, then going for curtains would be a better choice.

There are other unconventional variants also available for window shades in NYC. These include Vertical blinds, wood blinds, aluminum blinds and shutters as well. Vertical blinds are more appropriate for use in sliding doors & wider windows. Aluminum blinds are also preferred a lot because of their low cost and longer life span, and their availability in a wide range of colors and finishes. Their main advantage is their flexibility of use, which allows them to fit to any size and style of window.

Then there are the pocket friendly Vinyl Roller shades, which can also be a good addition to your home without putting too much burden on your pocket. If you are looking for beauty and elegance, you could also go for Fabric window shades, which are available in a range of colors and fabrics. These can be installed with side cords and concealed roller mechanism for added effect.

By keeping in mind the positioning of your windows in the house, and the kind of shade you would want for each one, you can definitely bring home some of the best window shades in NYC for complementing the beauty and purpose of your windows.


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