We have heard from so many people that marble cleaning is not a difficult or time consuming work to do if done on regular basis. Marble floor cleaning needs a unique and special cleaning routine. You can also DIY after you learn how to do it correctly. If you want to use the marble floors, tiles or other surfaces for long time and wanted your marble to look shiny all the time, you should be careful about the cleaning materials that you apply on the marble.


Do’s and Don’ts of marble cleaning.


Seal the Marble When Needed.

Marble surfaces needs sealing to protection against external factors such as water, moisture and dust. Purchase the sealant from your local store and apply it on the marble surface correctly according to the instructions.

Clean the Spills immediately.

Marble is a sensitive rock compared to others. It has a spongy structure, which makes it sensitive against acidic substances like fruit juice, tea etc. If you leave them on the surface, such substances will spoil your marble.

Use Soft Piece of Cloth to Clean

No extra harmful chemical needed only warm water and special marble cleaning product will be enough for cleaning the stains and dirt on the marble surfaces. Mix the water and soft cleaning product in a bucket and apply the mixture with the help of a soft cloth. Then rinse and dry the area thoroughly.

Mop the Floor to Remove Dust

Use a clean and dry dust mop to clean the dust on the marble floor. Vacuum cleaner will also work but use it wisely.


Do not Use Anti-Scaling Cleaning Agents.

It is highly advisable to use correct cleaning products for cleaning a sensitive material. As marble is a different formation of limestone, Avoid using anti-scaling agents to clean it.

Do not leave the Floors Wet.

Because of its spongy nature, marble easily absorbs liquids. If you let your marble surface wet it absorb the water, which will create a dull appearance and make it sticky.

Avoid Sitting on Marble Countertops.

Marble countertops are not strong and flexible as granite. Do not lean on, sit or stand on marble countertops while cleaning, it might hazardous for you as you might slip or fall that lead to serious injuries.

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