Your home is actually a reflection of your style and persona, which needs to be complemented well by some cool decorative and lighting accessories to give it a distinct feel and style. So if you are planning to decorate your interiors with attractive show pieces, you can also look at the vast range of lighting accessories available in the market these days. These beautifully crafted accessories won’t just help you in lighting your spaces in style, but also help you in adding that style and glamour quotient, which could have been lacking in your interiors till now.

For this purpose, you could ideally go for Delray lighting fixtures, which are all about creating energy efficient lighting solutions that are not only environmentally responsible, but also attractive in design; to complement with the dynamic interior designs of your interiors. To achieve this, Delray lights make use of Nichia 757 LED Chips, which are capable of producing more than 180 lumens per watt at 90 CRI. These LEDs are industry gold standard for consistent color temperature and rendition. Apart from that, Delray also offers LED drivers with 0-10V dimming, which is effective to less than 1% of the total luminosity. This allows you to control the lighting in your interior spaces according to the mood of the moment, and you can also use them minimally or maximally depending upon your lighting requirements at day or night.

A perfect blend of decorative and practical, Delray lights are presented in a broad selection of styles including chandeliers, tubes, pendants, strip lights, and semi-recessed downward lights to blend well with all types of interiors. From amply designed spaces to the most minimally designed ones, Delray Lighting fixtures are thoughtfully designed to blend in all kinds of interiors with ease and style. All you have to do is buy them keeping in mind your interiors, and you can add a breathtaking effect to your interiors with the ideal combination of light and design and their accentuated beauty.

If you are conscious about your environment, and would like adopting lighting solutions that help you in maximizing the use of natural light, then Delray lights is a great option that you can definitely consider going for. They will not only complement the beauty of your interiors, but they will also help you in cutting down your energy costs by a great deal.


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