Having a rotten sewer line that always smells of poop can be a big turn off for anybody coming to your home. That is why: it is extremely important to detect any possible blockages or damages to your sewer line in Miami on a regular basis. If you don’t get your sewer line checked regularly, the problem can get worst with the waste flowing backwards or the pipe bursting due to pressure of gases created by the rotting poop. And if the pipeline goes through your lawn or garden in the backyard, it could really destroy the entire yard as the pipe bursts and shoots the rotten poop everywhere in your yard.

With improvement in technology, sewer lines repairs have become far less cumbersome these days in comparison to the days earlier when the traditional method of sewer repair required the entire area to be dug up for detecting the point of problem. Today, it is possible to undertake these repairs in less time with trenchless sewer repairs, which doesn’t require digging up the entire area for detection of problem. Depending upon the position of the blockage, there are two kinds of techniques that are currently used for Sewer line inspections…

1. Camera Sewer Line Inspections

2. Trenchless Sewer Line inspections

Both these methods are predominantly based on carrying out a video camera inspection of the sewer by inserting a fiber optic camera in the sewer line through an opening in the sewer line. In the trenchless method, several access points are dug in the ground above the sewer line, so that a video cam inspection could be carried out at a desired point where there are more chances of detecting a blockage. Both these methods work great for detecting blockages in the sewer line without the need for carrying out any major digging on the ground. The inspection process too is pretty quick, and is generally completed in 15-20 minutes at the most, to find out the area of blockage that needs to be cleared.

Once the area requiring clearing up is zeroed down upon after the inspection, the expert cleaners of sewer line in Miami then use a flushing technique involving the use of High pressure water jetting processes to clear the blockage in the sewer line to root out the problem. If your home too has been experiencing such problems off late, then you shouldn’t hesitate in calling the experts to detect and root out the problem in your sewer line as soon as possible.


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