Broken pipes and water leaks can cause serious issues. You have to bear in mind that water in supply pipes is always under pressure, which is the reason why it sprays out with force when a pipe springs a leak. To avoid dealing with such issues, it is important to check supply lines regularly and ensure that there is no need of water line repair. You can have that line repaired early to avoid going through serious hassle later. But if you already have any leakage, you should take immediate steps and consider calling in a professional.

Before you call a professional, it is important to cut off the water supply to a pipe that is leaking. In order to shut off plumbing fixtures, you need to look for shut-off valve near your toilet, faucet, and other similar fixtures. Ideally, you should be looking for a stop valve, which is a chrome-plated valve and likely to be located under the fixture. Turn that handle to shut-off a valve.

In case you cannot find any shut-off valve, you may want to shut off water to your entire house. You can find a valve that controls water supply to your house near the point where the cold water pipe enters your house. Sometimes, the valve is right below your water heater, so be sure to check it there too. Simply rotate the handle to cut the supply of water.

Sometimes, the leakage demands a complete shut off and that is when you have to turn off the water supply to the rest of your property as well, including hose bibs, outdoor sprinkler systems, and so on. You can do it by finding a valve just close to your water meter. Turn it clockwise to stop any water supply to your property.

Fixing the Problem

Once you have stopped the supply of water, you will have to proceed with water line repair. For this, you usually need a pipe repair clamp. Simply apply it the line. You would have to center a rubber sleeve over the problem area first and bolt the clamp in place right over the sleeve. However, you need to keep in mind that not everyone can use a pipe clamp properly. Even if you do, keep in mind that you will only be able to find a temporary solution to your problem. It is therefore important to call a plumber to have a closer look at everything and determine how serious the problem is.

Finding the Best Professional

It is important to point out that not all plumbers are alike and just because they say they can handle water line repair does not mean they can do it meticulously. Be sure to conduct some research, find a few top service providers, ask them for quotes, and then select a plumber to handle the repair work. It can certainly take some time, but if you know how to cut off water supply to your property or how to fix the leakage temporary, you will have enough time find a good plumber.


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