Wow! Creating a small personalised world of yourself where your commands are the verdict, where your wishes are the rules – that’s what every home planner plans for him/herself. Setting out that theatre room in that hand limited patch of plot is challenging where you need to even chalk out the rest of your house. You know what dreams does not see the size. Chalking out the plan for your theatre room also demands some ideas despite the size of the plot allotted for it. Therefore, in here  I have brought for you the Home Decorating Ideas for Theatre Room at Home that are solely responsible for creating the mood to watch cinemas despite the size of the room.

Before going to hop around from one interior designer to another think coolly and figure out what a theatre actually needs.  Forget the old method of visiting free movie streaming sites and watch movies on laptop or PC, it’s time to create your own theatre at home. You are the creator of your own home. No designers can sense what you want or wish for unless you figure out for yourself how you want your theatre room to look like, to feel like. The designers are there to enhance your thoughts. So, let me help you to think and recollect the important aspects of framing your theatre room.

Home Decorating Ideas for Theatre Room at Home: The Basic Needs

Giving ideas by showing images is very easy. But I feel it very irresponsible if I cannot make your thoughts and imaginations get connected with the images I will be holding in front of you. The whole setup of the room will depend on the look you prefer, whether classic or retro or totally urban and modern. What so ever the preference be, the below points need to be pinned in your mind while planning out for the entire setup.

·         Room Ambience

When you visit a theatre, what do you first prefer to see? Is it the audience or the ambience of the hall? Well it is the ambience. Now, what do you mean by the term ambience? It is the mood of the surrounding that in a way makes up the mood of the people living in there.

Well yes, ambience matters a lot to enjoy a movie, to sense every nerve of the story line. The light effect, the location of the room, the smell of the surrounding, the cosiness of the room, the decorations made by posters, wallpapers, clocks, gramophones or any antique or totally hi-tech demy-models and etc. matters a lot to enjoy the cinema.

·         The Screen and Sound System

The second very important thing that comes is choosing the screen and obviously the sound system. Well, nowadays, home theatres are available in markets that avail good screens with good sound systems too. But as you know, there is no end of being good. You will get lots and lots of excellent masterpiece of technology in the market.

But, what you need to keep in mind is that cut the coat according to the cloth. You have to set your budget visualizing the size of the room and then plan your purchase accordingly. Also, the service extension of the home theatre set matters for enjoying the movie. So, plan it wisely.

·         Couch

The third thing that matters to most of the audience and including me is that the couch on which I will be sitting and watching the film. You must know that there are several classes in a theatre hall. The gold class provides the best one where you get the feeling of half laid and half seated with utter comfort. Or you may prefer silver class, where you get to just give a mere relaxation to your backbone.

Well, none of the classes matters when you are in your home watching the movies. Buying tickets means spending money. But, when you are in your home you just have to consider your comfort. So choose whether you want to seat on a high backed sofa or on a couch that allows you to get completely pampered.

·         Refreshment Section

Movies demand some refreshment, right? So, where do you want to put up the refreshment centre? Is it inside the kitchen or you wished to have one in your theatre room itself? Now, comes the question what would you like to have in between movies, sandwiches or popcorn? Or, you simply want to have a cup of coffee or tea or any hot milk beverages with some chips?

Do you wish for any refrigerated products, like any canned juice or carbonated drink with some chocolate? Well, depending on your preference and definitely the space available inside you need to draw out the food section. Well, whatever you choose to have, place a suitable dustbin over there to throw the trash instead of creating a mess around. Also, have notice that it gets cleaned thoroughly so that it does not spoil the ambience of the room.

Snap! Wake up dear! Take the phone and inquire about the best designer and architect in your area. Call him/her up or visit their office. Sit and carve out the image you have drawn in your mind reading the Home Decorating Ideas for Theatre Room at Home. Go ahead to build up the asset, my warm wishes are always with you.


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