Tennis court resurfacing is because tennis courts often fade or crack and it is annoying because now you can’t play tennis with a hole of water after it rains. So often you need to repair the court by re-asphalting or having the courts resurfaced. In the worst case, you might need to have the court completely redone. The most important thing that you need to consider is how much money you want to spend on restricting your tennis court. So, tennis court resurfacing is often a very common and very useful technique that will have to be done to any tennis court somewhere in time.

How long does it usually take for a tennis court to be resurfaced?

Tennis court resurfacing is thought by many people to take a long time for the tennis court to be resurfaced, however in reality it only takes about 1-3 days. The weather and conditions of the court are also factors that contribute to how long the resurfacing will take. There are two options that you will have when you are resurfacing the court. The less expensive option will be to do it yourself, the more expensive and less time-consuming option will be hire a contractor.

Tennis court resurfacing often has many problems when you or a contractor must encounter when a tennis court needs to be resurfaced. The most common problems are improper design, improper construction, and age asphalt. Problems such as fading and peeling are most often the results. Cracking and bird baths are usually caused by ground movements or the result of freeze thaw. If there is a problem with the asphalt in the ground under the court, the solution might be to replace the asphalt. A common game that is played on tennis courts is pickle ball. This is a very common fix, all you need to do is paint some new lines. The game is played with a hard paddle and a special type of balled called the wiffle ball. This game can be played in the same area as a badminton court and is popular with children and seniors.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Steps if You Plan to do it Yourself.

Tennis court resurfacing is the most important thing and first thing you need to do is to clean the tennis court when you need to resurface a tennis court. You need to clean the tennis court with a high-power washer and the trick is to not be too aggressive. ­ Then you need to smooth, fill and clean all the cracks, then fill the cracks with a modified concrete. You can also buy an acrylic patch to fill all the cracks as well. This step is probably the most important part because depending on how deep the crack is, you might need several coats.

Tennis court resurfacing should only be pursued to resurface the court yourself you need to remove the existing court material you need to use a grinder to better surface the adhesion. Then you can use a 2*4n trowel to spread out the cement. Let the cement dry and add acrylic color to repaint the lines.


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