The basement is generally one of the largest areas of the house and, with a little effort, can be turned into a beautiful space within your home.  This can be a valuable additional space which can allow you to accommodate an expanding family without needing to move.  The alternative is that you have seen some finished basements and simply want to create a luxury space where you or the children can have a little space or down time.

Before you start you basement project there are several things which should be considered; this will ensure you make the most of your basement space.  You may find it beneficial to contact a professional firm, such as Dynamic Basement Renovations before you get started, as they can offer a fresh perspective and will be realistic regarding what is achievable.

Plan First

To create the right finished basements you must plan your space first.  This does not mean stating that you want three bedrooms and a games area.  What it does mean is drawing an accurate, scale plan of the basement space and what you would like to turn it into.  You can even add the dimensions to a graphics program to assist you with visualizing the finished basements.

Check Facilities.

The next step is to ensure that existing pipes and electrics will not be in the way when you start designing your space.  It is essential to be aware of what you have in your basement which cannot be easily moved and plan your project round these items.

Alongside the electrics and plumbing you will need to check the available height you have in your basement; you need enough clearance for everyone to walk round normally!

Finally, it is worth looking at whether there is any damp within the finished basements area.  This could be present in the walls or the floor and it is advisable to test both.  If you do find damp you will need to add a damp proof layer between your floor or walls and your ne interior design work.

Know your Material

When you take on a project to create perfect finished basements it is essential to know what materials you are dealing with.  Generally, the floor will be concrete and you will need to consider the best way o securing the wood for a partition wall to it.  Regular screws will not provide the grip you need.  You must factor into your budget the fasteners and even wall anchors which will be needed to complete the project properly.


It is desirable to fill any space between existing walls and your new internal ones, with insulation.  This will help to keep the finished basement warm throughout the year; it is often the case that no heating is needed!

It is important to consider what will work best for you in your basement.  Although there will be many ideas on the internet which look stunning, the finished basement you are undertaking is for you and your family.  Keeping this idea central when designing and building the space will make a huge difference to how practical and useful the finished project is.


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