Lots of loan packages are provided by banks and other organizations to the people. Every loan package has its own features and advantages. That is people can get a loan as per their requirement. Similarly, the rate of interest and the EMI rates also depend upon the loan package. There are different types of loan packages are available, among them the most popular loan package is the home loan.

About Home Loan

A Home loan is a secured loan which is provided against the security of a house or a property which is sponsored by the customer’s bank. The property could be a personal property or a commercial property. This home loan is obtained by a borrower from the bank which is given against the property. By accepting the loan, the borrower gives the bank a conditional ownership over the property. That is if the borrower failed to pay back the loan, then the bank can take control over the property and retrieve the lent money by selling the property.

All type of banks offers best home loan packages for their customers. There are different types of home loans are available such as

Home Purchase loan – This is a general type of home loan which is borrowed for the purpose of purchasing a new house. The main difference between this type and home construction loan is, it is obtained for purchasing a new house, whereas the second one is borrowed for constructing a new home.

Home enhancement loan – This type of home loan is borrowed for the purpose of renovation or repair of the home with the help of a contractor.

Home Extension loan – This type of loan is obtained for the purpose of extending a new home or to expand an existing home that is for adding an extra room in the home

Home Conversion loan – This conversion home loan helps the customer to transfer the existing home loan to the new home which requires additional finance support. The new loan pays the previous loan and fulfills the money required for the new home.

Home Construction loan – This type of home loan is taken for constructing a new home. This home construction loan is available in best home loan rates for the customers.

Land Purchase loan – This loan is taken to purchase a land for construction and investment purposes.

Customers can obtain any of these home loans from their bank as per their requirement.


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