Home Stairs serve as a liaison with the downstairs room upstairs. Installation of Stairs at home Sometimes requires more thought, especially if the house is Quite small. Laying the wrong ladder home. Election it will from narrow down the Stairs and the installation Becomes Very Important Please someone decides to add room house vertically. Some components must be Considered in order to blend with your home Stairs. The shape, type and raw materials must be in accordance with the concept of the ladder the whole house.

Here are tips & tricks

  1. Choose the Stairs a proportionate and in accordance with the shape and area of ??the room. Stairs must be Designed and put in place That Would not add to a narrow room. If a small house, you Should make a Staircase whose shape the direction of the wall.
  2. Basically, the steps consist of three parts, Stairs, landing (temporary stopping place), and the railing (the fence That surrounds the Stairs). The presence of the landing May not be Used, depending on the number of Stairs. If you think Quite a lot of Stairs, Should you add the landing.
  3. In designing Stairs, Must Consider Important factors installments, Among others, the angle of inclination, the number of rungs, width and height of the Stairs, the landing area, height and density of the railing. Tilt angle Should not be too STEEP Staircase. This is to Avoid accidents and inconvenience Pls up and down the Stairs. The number of steps cans be adjusted for the distance Between Floors. As for the higher rungs Should Be No More Than 20 cm by 25-30 cm wide. Especially for railing Stairs’ there is a wide range of designs, you cans choose According to taste. The material is Also available in Various types. To get a more unique, you cans compose wood with concrete materials, or glass material with aluminum.
  4. For the floor, many cans materials be Used, Such as carpet, wood and marble. We recommend you choose That That materials are not slippery for your safety and family members Remain assured. From Various sources.


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